25 Dog Breeds That Aren’t Meant to Be Kept Indoors

Japanese Chin This adorable small dog was bred to be a lapdog of the nobility both in England and Japan. However, the breeding for companionship does have a downside. While they are certainly adorable to look at, they are extremely high-maintenance, turning jealous and demanding if they feel ignored. They can even be prone to … Read more

40+ People Rate Their Dogs on Social Media, and It’s Both Hilarious and Wholesome

As any dog owner can attest, their lovable pets share the same varied personalities, complexities, intrigue, and cuteness as their owners. It’s no wonder our four-legged companions can express the same emotional depth and hilarity we can. And, let’s face it, they’re so cute, it’s almost unbearable. They’re, like, really cute! Compiling a list of … Read more