Cane Corso: Capabilities In The Workplace And Duties

In recent years, a significant number of breeders of working dog breeds such as the Cane Corso, often known as the Italian Mastiff, have stopped paying attention to the working attributes of their offspring. It should come as no surprise that this is the case given that many breeds are exempt from meeting the requirements … Read more

Options Available for Cane Corso Adoption and Rescue

Should you only buy a dog from a breeder or consider adopting a dog from a breed that has a reputation for being dangerous, such as the Cane Corso? The Cane Corso is a massive breed of dog that was originally developed as a fighting dog but has since found additional uses including those of … Read more

The Cane Corso and Aggression:: Explanations of the Problem and Solutions

Cane Corso is an Italian dog breed that is recognised for its magnificent appearance and self-assured demeanour. This breed was originally utilised for the purpose of keeping watch over homes and cattle. Because of their fearless and even-keeled demeanour, in addition to their kind and affectionate disposition, they make wonderful family protection dogs. The Cane … Read more