Helen Skelton surprises her children with a vacation to London, while her ex-husband Richie Myler is about to become a father for the first time.

Helen Skelton, 39, is the presenter of Countryfile, and she and her ex-husband, Richie Myler, have three children together: Ernie, Louis, and newborn Elsie. It was claimed over the weekend that Myler, a rugby star, had just given birth to his fourth child. When her ex-partner Richie Myler supposedly became a father for the first … Read more

Unquestionably gigantic’ The stage at Eurovision will be redesigned to resemble a rock concert.

By Charlotte McLaughlin, Senior Entertainment Reporter for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania PA Media Today at 17:35 The organisers of the Eurovision Song Contest have stated that the 2023 event will be “totally massive” and will mark the first time in the competition’s history that it will have a thrust stage, which is often utilised at … Read more