These Adorable Pictures Prove That Kids And Dogs Need Each Other

They say dog is man’s best friend – bue they’re also a child’s best friend and teacher.

Finding The Perfect Resting Spot

There’s something so infectious about the warm smile of pure emotion that you see on an infant’s face when they’re happy that you can’t help but smile back. This young one seems to have found his way onto the fluffy back of his big friend Buddy, the family labrador. Doggo over here doesn’t seem to mind having a friend on his back and the young child seems to be happier than ever to have something this warm and cozy to lie on! He’s got your back!



Best Friends

This picture is so cute, you can’t help but smile. This child loves her pet doberman more than anything, and the feeling is mutual! These two are best friends.

Best Friends



Friends Of All Sizes

After a long day of fun and games, it pays to take a break for a few moments and just rest up. Great Danes are known for being some of the biggest dogs in the world and it’s difficult to imagine such a big creature being able to fit on the couch as a human would – but Gus seems to manage pretty well. Not only that, she seems to have no fear of him despite his size, proving that anyone can be friends.

Maxing And Relaxing


Testing The Limits

Even though this labrador only wants to literally shower his friend with affection, the face on this little child looks notably uncomfortable with the licks of his wet-nosed pal. While all parents like to keep a close eye on their kids and protest them, it’s worth testing the limits, even when a child first may seem uncomfortable around its doggy friend – because at the end of the day, they’ll have to grow up together, so they might as well get used to each other!



A Friend To Play With

If you’ve ever been a kid on a trampoline, then you’ll know how seemingly endless the amount of fun is that you can have on one of these things! When this young girl decided to start jumping around early on a wintery morning, she was sad that she had no friends around to join her. Lucky, she realized that Billy would be the perfect companion. Billy seemed to enjoy himself, and she learned the true meaning of friendship.



After Looking For Weeks, They Finally Found Their Only Son A Best Friend

There’s nothing quite like spending some time relaxing with your loved ones over the weekend. This boy was an only child and his parents desperately wanted to give him a companion. So they searched for weeks and as soon as these two saw each other, they knew it was meant to be. There’s something special about the relationship between a boy and his dog, and these two prove it.

Boy And Dog


She Wanted To Be a Sheepdog For Halloween, So…

Halloween only comes once a year – so every kid spends months befre thinking of just the perfect costume. Couples costumes are usually only done by adults, but when this little girl’s parents adopted a dog, she knew she wanted to dress just like him for Halloween. Who better to dress up as than your best friend!? These two look utterly adorable in their, shall we say, matching outfits! Who wore it better? We simply can’t tell.

All Dressed


Things Aren’t Always As They Seem

As far as dog breeds go, Pit bulls are known for being pretty tough creatures. While a lot about the nature of the dog depends on their upbringing, with good nurturing they can be some of the softest creatures around. When Emily’s parents first adopted their pit bull, she was terrified of him. However, after she wrmed up to him, the two were inseperable and even take their afternoon naps together, all snuggled up on the couch.

Peaceful Pitbull


He Never Got To Meet His Great-Grandfather, But He Inherited His Best Friend…

Jamie’s great-grandfather passed away just before he was born. It was both a sad and joyous time for the family. While they did lose one member, they actually ended up gaining two – a son and a new dog. Jamie’s great-grandfather’s best pal was Peach the Pomeranian, and the two ended up growing up together, since Jamie’s great-grandfather left him the dog in his will. Now the two like to go on joy rides together.

Sunset Cruise


Teaching Them How To Share

There’s nothing better than the smell of fresh laundry, but some garments need extra attention. When mom went to check up on the laundry basket, she found two strange things that didn’t belong there. Apparently, the puppies had found the freshly dried sheets to be a nice bed for a nap. Little Tommy learned that sharing is caring and they all feel peacefully asleep.

Strange Laundry


20 Minutes Of Friendship Is Like 20 Years For Dogs

Driving long distances can be really tiring – especially for young children. After driving far to get to the shelter, Johnny was excited to finally go home with his new furry friend, Leela. Leela was so excited to find a home and was full of energy. However, about 20 minutes into the drive, Johnny’s mom turned around to see these two sleeping on each other like they had known each other for 20 years! Apparently, all the excitement as exhausting…

Travel Buddies


“Can She Pet Your Dog?”

While out one night, Rudy and his owners were having some food at a local restaurant. A couple walked past with their little girl who was ecstatic upson seeing Rub. They asked, “Can she pet your dog?” “Of course!” they said, and everyone watched as the young girl waddled over to give Ruby a pat. However, she surprised everyone when instead of just petting Ruby, she leaned right in for the smooch!

Lady And The Tramp


As Long As They’re Happy, Right?

As every parent knows, children are playful creatures! Unfortunately, that often means having to clean up after them more often than not and while they might be having the most fun in the world, someone has clean up eventually. Thankfully though, a picture or two helps to capture a moment that will most likely be a life-long memory for her parents, despite the daunting clean-up at hand. Looks like mom is going to have to make another trip to the grocery store too. But her, at least they’re happy!

Making A Mess


Learning To Use Your Words?

Parents can have a hard time disciplining their children and as we all know, peer pressure can play a big role in determining the actions of children. While Amy’s parents tried to teach her to use her words to ask for food when she’s hungry, it seems she picked up on some non-verbal cues from her best friend. Now, when they’re hungry, they both stick out their tongues and beg.

Tongues Out


Caught Red-Handed

We’re pretty certain this little kid had a good idea in mind when he decided to bring Buster, the family pooch, into his parents’ room. Although we’re not sure why he decided to bring all the food with him, something about the look on their faces says that they were up to no good. There’s a good chance that the little boy assumed that his parents’ room would make an ideal playroom for him and Buster, at least until he got caught!



Great Minds Think Alike

These two have such a priceless expression painted on their faces! What’s that going on outside? It looks like the ice cream truck has pulled up and they’re already imagining the different flavors they’re going to tuck into! Although she’s not supposed to, she always sneaks her pup a few licks of the tasty treat, so now the two of them have the same reaction every time the truck arrives. She may have broken the rules, but anything for friendship and ice cream, right?

Eager Eyes


The Search For The Perfect Babysitter Is Over

When little Laura’s parents went in the other room to make her a snack, they could only hope and pray that she wouldn’t get into any sort of trouble. However, when they came back with some chopped up carrots, they found the perfect surprise – their dog, Roscoe, had taken on the role of babysitter. Now, they no longer have to worry – dog-sitter is there to help them out, and there’s nobody better for the job.

The Search For The Perfect Babysitter Is Over


A Friendly Face To Cheer Him Up

There are only so many ways to ensure that your pooch doesn’t scratch or lick himself when he’s dealing with an infection. However, that doesn’t mean they’re happy about the situation. Having a cone can be sad for a dog, so his small human friend decided not to let it get in the way of him giving his favorite furry friend some face time. Thankfully, a cone alone is not enough to prevent the affection of a young child from coming through!

Don’t Scratch


Therapy Dogs? More Like Therapy Humans

After coming home from the vet, this dog was lucky enough to have a friend waiting for him to give him lots of love and attention. They say that pet therapy is a good way to help people heal, however, human therapy for pets can be equally as healing. While healing can take time, knowing that there’s someone who cares for you is a really reassuring thought and incredibly healing. Hopefully, this pooch will feel better with the love of his human. Get well soon!

A Helping Hand


“But He Looks Nothing Like Us!”

These days, the idea of adoption has started gaining a lot more traction. When parents aren’t able to conceive or would simply like to try giving a child in worse off circumstances a better chance at life, adoption becomes the best option. These proud parents look like they’re already in love with their new child and while the baby might have to adjust being raised by a pair of dogs, we’re certain that they’ll make wonderful parents anyway! Best of luck, mom and dad!

Adoptive Parents


Her Favorite Kind Of Treatment

Not every illness has a cure or a straightforward form of treatment. Sometimes, you just have to let time and nature run its course and wait until the pain is over. However, if you have the warm embrace of a dog, this might actually make the difference. It certainly did for this little girl, who was stuck at home with a fever. When her two canine friends lay on her, she made a speedy recovery.

dog 1
Her Favorite Kind Of Treatment


Free Hugs For A Good Boy

It seems like hugs are a kind of gesture that all species can understand. One woman posted a photo of her son and dog warmly embracing each other, confessing that her little boy has “always been a hugger.” She also confessed that her dog has not always been entirely comfortable with this expression of love. However, in her words, the pooch soon “came around” and now enjoys hugs just as much as the next person.

dog 2
Free Hugs For A Good Boy


Doggo To The Rescue

Not only do dogs cry out for love and attention, they also know how to return the favor. Many parents will agree that when one of their kids is upset, their dog will sense it and try to do something about it. Take this baby, for example, who soon stopped crying after his dog came to comfort him. “Even if my son so much as cries, he rushes in to save his life,” the parent wrote. “Best buds.”

dog 3
Doggo To The Rescue


Please, Don’t Go!

They say that out of all the animals, dogs have the biggest personalities. When you see photos like this one, it’s not difficult to see why. Some dogs get so attached to their guardians and their kids that they’ll throw a fit when they exit the house. When this boy was about to leave to go to school, the dog decided to sit on him in a desperate attempt to stop him from going. The things we do for love.

dog 4
Please, Don’t Go!


Love Is In The Air

We normally associate Valentine’s Day with the celebration of love between couples. However, who said that a father can’t buy a present for his child to celebrate this day? One person decided to post this beautiful photo of his friend’s daughter after he gave her a puppy for Valentine’s Day. It is clear that the little girl is over the moon and excited to take care of this little pup. The look on her face is absolutely priceless.

dog 5
Love Is In The Air


A Furry Friend Offers Love And Support

Times can be tough, this much we know for sure. So it pays to know that you can always find love and support in man’s best friend to get you by when you’re running low. Little Suzy was in need of a hug and turned to the friend she loves best – her pooch! Every time she’s had a bad day at school or has gotten in trouble, she runs to her dog and finds comfort in his embrace.

Hugs And Cuddles


She Could Have Dragged Him Across The Floor, But…

When you’re fighting over your toys, it’s easy to see how a little tug of war can break out quite quickly. While this golden is clearly much bigger and stronger than his her owner, and could have dragged him around by pulling on the toy, winning tug of war in a second, she’s a gentle giant. She would rather give her small friend a sense of power than win the game – that’s love.

Tug Of War


Nobody Messes with My Human

Winter is a cold and wet time of the year and while some may not quite enjoy this kind of weather, a lot of people really do. This little girl got all dressed to go play in the rain. However, she knows sometimes there are bullies on the playground, so she brought her own personal bodyguard. His trusty friend and sidekick knows his role, and stands at attention next to his human friend. Nobody messes with them!

Winter Has Arrived


This Is Why They Say Having A Dog Is Preparation For Having Children…

Believe it or not, but dogs and children have a similar love for playtime – and for putting things in their mouths. These two look like they’re caught up in the moment and totally invested in their chew toys. They say that getting a dog is a good first step to practice having a kid, and now we see why. What other fun tricks will she learn from her furry friend?

Baby See, Baby Do


The true Peacemaker

As we all know, children can be really energetic little creatures, and when you put two together, their energy can clash and fights break out over toys, food, or attention. However, even though this brother and sister duo might fight sometimes, but when their pup is around, it’s all love and smiles – their love for him is the one thing they always agree on. As long as he’s happy, they’re happy – and then the parents are happy too!

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